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Maybe I’ll use this site

I’m working on an Inventory Management project currently dubbed EtherInventory.

It’s done in Visua Studio 2015 MVC + Razor with SQL Server 2014.

I plan on releasing it with the BSD license.

I have 5 stages and on stage 5 it will get released to the wild and re-written more cleanly. Right now it’s in a “just get it working” state to see what spots I’m missing.

It’s currently on Github (hidden) but I plan on migrating to bitbucket since I disagree with Github’s policy.

No, simple as that.

Unless you’re offering me six figures or more.. I’m not interested in selling

I’m not exchanging banners. I’m not putting up ad’s. I’m not putting a link to your website.  I don’t care how much this site gets noticed. At all. Really. My ego doesn’t revolve around this — it revolves around other things. So the simple answer is: No, unless you offer me something of incredible value.

All my email goes through here. It’d take a monumental effort to migrate to a new email address and I doubt you have the money to afford the give-a-damn it’d have to take to make me migrate.