Favorite TED Talks

Last Updated on October 5, 2020 4:21 pm by MrMann

TED Talks absolutely worth watching that I feel strongly about for one reason or another.

Racism. When did it start? No, really, when did it start? Turns out it was WAY closer to modern times than I ever imagined. I like learning the history of our human race.
I particularly love his passion and excitement of what he’s explaining.
I firmly believe I was –><– that close to death once in my life. My brain released DMT which made me relax and fall back asleep. I remember, vividly, thinking “this is it, and it’s ok. Everything will be ok”. That was when I had walking pneumonia. I had lost something like 50lbs and was nearing 105lbs. I feel, on an emotional level, I can relate to what she went through although I can’t relate exactly. It’s certainly changed my outlook on a great many things.
This is just simply enjoyable.